Sunday, October 7, 2007

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are like setting up your own personal newspaper.
Again the world at your command.

Technical Thought

It is eye opening to see how much our world has changed in the last 20 years.
Technology has always been important to mankind, but the last 20 years have made technology personal. It has brought us closer together (IM, Email, Blogs, etc.), but it has also separated us.
We can individually decide what we listen to (IPODS), what is on TV (TIVO), what we read (Internet). This is really a brave new world.

Flickr Color Pickr

I was amazed by the flexibility of this site. You can find a picture to fit your mood and your palate. Then I went to the creators site. This guy is a genius. He is into a variety of Web ideas and creations. He describes himself as "Jim Bumgardner. I'm a programmer/hobbyist with a passion for making cool graphics & music software, and software toys." The scary part is that he can do it all.


I find flickr to be amazing, scary, why do people do this?, promote a million thoughts.
It is great that people can share photos across the world. It is also great to have grand mothers watch their grand kids grow without the delay of the mail or physical pictures. How many times did we have rolls sit undeveloped for weeks or months. I also become concern about all the folks that have not so nice thoughts and ideas when they see the photos. Like that commercial about the girl that can't erase her picture and how she loses control of her image. It also take many hours to maintain all this data by the photo owners and the site developers. Is this the best use of their time? These sites seam to have a give and take phenomenon.
They give you time (no trips to the photo lab, mailbox, etc,) and take away time, if you are not careful.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Rollyo is a great time saver. One search that searches all your favorite sites.
Every day we learn how the Internet affects our way of living and sometimes
our way of thinking about how to get things done.
I like the idea of Library Thing.
We all know the feeling of being in a book store or
at the library and not having your reading list with
you. This site makes your reading list accessible from
almost anywhere, (pending online access)
I created an avatar on Yahoo Avatar.
It was a strange experience of creating an online
alter ego. You can create someone who resembles you
or someone totally different. It give you permission
to perform plastic surgery without the expense or the
the pain. Avatars have also allowed people to actually
live alternate online lives, including changing Careers,
Spouses, Children, Environment, etc. This is the ultimate
What If?